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When considering a new floor for your home (family room, basement, bathroom, and garage) why limit yourself to the same old tile or carpet selections? Today concrete, yes concrete, is being used in a wide variety of interior flooring finishes. Look in any home decorating magazine or watch any home improvement station and your bound to find an article or episode on the growing popularity, design aspects and beauty of interior concrete floors.


The main reason for the increased awareness of decorative concrete flooring stems from the endless design and color possibilities. In addition to the overwhelming demand and dramatic appearance of acid stained finishes, you can create the custom look of slate, tile, stone, marble or granite with more control over color and texture. Concrete can be used to achieve a contemporary look, an aged natural appearance or a one of a kind design that you will never find in your neighbor's house.


Concrete flooring systems are extremely durable, easy to clean, waterproof and stain resistant.  If you suffer from allergies concrete flooring is great alternative to carpet as there are no fibers or crevices that can trap dirt or mold.  If your basement is musty or prone to water problems a decorative concrete floor system is the perfect solution because it can easily be hosed down, mopped or swept clean and is not subject to flooding..


Decorative concrete flooring can be installed on any floor of the house as weight is not an issue, or in any room as an existing concrete floor is not needed.


ALL. TRI-STATE CONCRETE RESURFACING . employees are factory authorized and trained installers of Elite-Crete Products, an industry leader in architectural concrete products for residential and commercial applications.



ARE FOR INTERIOR USE it creates a finish that is smooth and free of grit can go on shiny and smooth TRI-STATE can add shark-grip to make it a more matte like in appearance and to lessen the slippery smooth finish idle for foyers ,garages,


Kitchens, and baths, this also can be used on the walls a very economic way for an impressive finish product!


Power Washing

Concrete Cleaning

CONCRETE sealing can be performed during good weather conditions from early spring through Fall in the Northeast. Most sealers require a string of dry days for proper application and drying. TRI-STATE recommends concrete cleaning and sealing from MAY 1 - OCT 30.

Remember when?


When pressure treated lumber and the "white venal fence" was first introduced, we were told they were "maintenance free". Over the years we have found that decks/fences can become ugly without periodic cleaning and/or sealing.


Whether it's the bleaching effect of the sun's ultraviolet rays in full sun, or the unsightliness of algae growth in full shade, our high-pressure power washer will clean your deck and fence surface at your request to give your out side a glamorous look with your new overlay.

Key Benefits


    -Protect a major investment

    -Improve aesthetics for your everyday enjoyment

    -Add to the value of your home with good maintenance


When to clean decks?

Our service is performed in two steps; first we power wash .then we return following the proper drying period to seal.

Power Washing


Our power washers use regular tap water, which is then pressurized to help it clean away years of dirt all our chemicals are green!!!


Concrete Sealing

Concrete Sealers provide improved resistance to weather, water, stains, and abrasives. Sealers also offer resistance to rain, sun, freezing temperatures, petroleum, and deicing salts. Concrete sealers make clean up easier. Your main decisions regarding sealers are going to be:


    Do you want a clear seal?

    Do you want a seal to match the color of the

    existing colored concrete to make the colors more vibrant?

    Is there any other consideration, such as slip resistance?


There are many ways to seal and protect your new overlay, whether it is stamped, Trowel down, stained, stenciled, TRI-STATE does it right, we leave nothing out! Each job may it be 100sq ft or 10,000sq ft. receives the same treatment 2coats minimum of the right sealer for the job if you just want to re-new your old concrete and then seal it call us today ....1-877-3-renew-u ,let us do it right !


"The benefit of good maintenance will be beautiful colored concrete that looks good years after it was installed.

"Antonio Nicola"


Re-coloring Stamped Concrete

In the last 50 or so years concrete has come a long way. With decorative concrete and concrete overlays it has become popular but with anything else it had a rough beginning, some of the old concrete that is out there may need to just be recolor. This procedure is very cost efficient and can save you money as long as the concrete is still in good condition .Tri-State employees Understanding Colored Concretes Common Problems, Why They Occur, and How to Avoid and Fix Them. One of the main concerns with selecting our materials that we use in all our overlays was the fact that it is a hybrid polymer that sinks in and does not lay on top of old, as for our stains and colorants the same applies. If you are one of the less fortunate people that have a driveway-walkway-ect. That has or is discolored call Tri-State Concrete Resurfacing today !


1-877-3-renew-u call today for free appraisal (1877-373-6398)


Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete Scoring and Saw cutting for Special Effects Both scoring and saw cutting can be used for both decorative effects and for the necessary work of being the control joints in the concrete surface. Decorative effects only need to be 1/4" deep; control joints need to be 25% of the depth of the slab.Tri-States employees are trained to make sure you have the right cut for the job. Scoring is done with a "groover" tool when the concrete is fresh. Score lines can be straight, but are often diagonal to the edges of the flatwork or bands. Saw cut lines are done after the concrete is hardened and can be straight or diagonal to the edges of the concrete or bands. Diamonds, stars, rectangles, or other shapes can be saw cut into the concrete and then those shapes can be stained to contrast with the abutting concrete. Let Tri-States trained professionals put the design of your dreams in your concrete overlay or traditional concrete today!!


Stamped Overlays

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then stamped OVERLAYS, sometimes referred to as patterned concrete overlays, flatters like nothing else can, with its amazing ability to closely replicate, in both color and texture, popular paving materials such as cobblestone, brick, fieldstone and slate, to name a few. Yet stamped concrete overlay` surpasses these traditional favorites in many ways, offering greater versatility, economy, long-term performance and ease of installation. Here's an introduction to the proliferation of possibilities with stamped concrete and some pointers on ensuring a high-quality installation that will last for decades.


Stamped concrete may have built a reputation as a consummate copycat, but today it's gaining respect for its design flair. Unlike masonry pavers or natural stone, d concrete may have built a reputation as a consummate copycat, but today it's gaining respect for its design flair. Unlike masonry pavers or natural stone, cement offers myriad options for customization because it can be shaped, imprinted, textured and colored to achieve almost any look imaginable. With concrete, stone that looks like the natural material can be economically recreated when patterns are pressed into the concrete.


Stamping concrete can also blend harmoniously with just about any landscape or architectural scheme, making it suitable for all types of exterior hardscaping-and some interior applications as well. The best news is that because stamped concrete is a customized product, it can be tailored to suit your individual design goals and budget, whether you want to achieve a natural look or be wildly innovative!


Tri-state employees are very meticulous about achieving your goals and desires by keeping you in-touch with the style (texture and coloring) through the process of customizing your wants and needs.


Concrete Stenciling

Concrete Floors Melanie Royals Modello Designs National City, CA Stenciling & Scoring Interior Concrete floors Developed more than 10 years ago, stencils offer nearly unlimited options for taking concrete interior floors over the top. Take a look at TRI-STATES, Modello Design's for design ideas for stenciling concrete floors. Now there are more options than ever for producing attractive yet economical color and texture combinations with concrete stenciling.




Concrete Refelector Enhancement

REFLECTORT Enhancer creates a new dimension to coloring conventional concrete, decorative concrete, floors and walls offering shimmering effects that cannot be achieved with acid stain, topical stains, oxide pigments or dyes.


REFLECTORT Enhancer is engineered as a fine powder derived from an aluminum bismuth oxy chloride components and can be added to approved clear sealers or specialty coatings as a subtle transparent color or as a variegated opaque finish.


Tri-State installers are trained by Elite-Crete to install the floor of your dreams and achieve your desired look !!!check out the color chart today !! good for garages ,basement ,family rooms ,home and industrial theaters!


Refelector Concrete Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your home, concrete maintenance usually isn't at the top of the priority list. Almost every home has some type of concrete surface, whether it's a garage floor, porch, sidewalk, etc. Concrete is the product of choice for these surfaces because of its strength, durability, and relatively low maintenance requirements. Although this is true, it does deteriorate over time and a little bit of concrete maintenance can significantly increase its lifespan, as well as keep your concrete looking good.


There are several factors that determine the strength and durability of concrete. The quality of the mix, weather conditions during and shortly after pouring, and finishing techniques play the biggest role. Some concrete mixes are stronger than others and are designed to withstand harsher conditions. Cool, humid weather during and after the pour promotes concrete strength as opposed to hot and dry conditions. As far as the finishing of concrete goes, the techniques used can be crucial to the surface strength of concrete. If water is added to facilitate finishing, the risk of chipping and scaling over time is greatly increased. These factors will dictate the susceptibility of concrete.


So what actually causes concrete to deteriorate? The weather and its elements are the biggest contributor. Rain and snow will slowly erode away the surface. Freeze and thaw cycles may be concrete's biggest enemy. When water seeps into the pores and freezes, it expands and breaks apart the concrete. Spilled chemicals, such as oil and acids, also eat away at concrete. Constant foot and vehicle traffic gradually wear down the surface, making it more vulnerable to all the previously mentioned factors.


The best way to decrease the rate of deterioration is to apply a coat of sealer on your concrete after cleaning it. Sealer provides protection by creating a barrier that prevents the penetration of water and other foreign substances. It also acts as a wear coat. The sealer is worn away by weather and traffic, not the concrete itself. Periodic applications of sealer will add many years to the life of your concrete, making concrete maintenance a wise practice, considering the high cost of replacement.


There are other advantages of concrete maintenance and sealer in addition to prolonging the lifespan of your concrete. Sealed concrete makes for much easier cleaning. Dirt, dust, and spills can usually be broomed or rinsed away since the concrete's pores are sealed off. Most of those hideous stains from leaky automobiles, rusty patio furniture, and dripping grills can be prevented with a good coat of sealer. Sealer can also revive the colors and textures of decorative concrete, especially acid stained surfaces.


Think of your concrete as low maintenance but not maintenance free. It is expensive to replace so protect your investment by keeping it coated with concrete sealer.

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